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Frequently Asked Questions at Unleashed Dog Day Care

Does my dog need to have any special vaccinations before coming to Unleashed?

Yes, your dog will need to have the standard vaccinations, which include Kennel Cough vaccinations, Canine Parvo and Canine distemper – please refer to our information booklet for a full list of required vaccinations.

What happens if any of the dogs become aggressive towards each other?

We are trained in managing all dog behaviours, including aggression. Should your dog display aggressive behaviour, we first place your dog into a separate holding kennel. We watch your dog’s behaviour, and try to isolate the cause of the aggression. We will alert you to the situation, and will work with you to find the root cause of the problem. It could be that your dog may need more socialisation or training before returning to our care: our handlers will discuss every situation with you as it arises.

What happens if my dog gets injured while in your care?

If there are any injuries sustained while your dog is in our care, we immediately administer first aid before contacting you. If your dog is in immediate need of vet attention, we will call our preferred veterinarian for treatment. If you have not given your specific consent on our enrolment form, then we must call you before contacting a vet for treatment. All costs are carried by the pet owner, we do not accept any responsibility for injuries dogs may receive while in our care.

How often do you clean the play zone areas? Is the day care hygienic?

We wash down the rubber matting floor constantly throughout the day, as it is highly important for the floor to remain clean and hygienic. The specific rubber matting we use for our flooring is designed to reduce impact on our dog’s joints, reduce the spread of bacteria, clean easily and resist the growth of mould.

Do you feed my dog while it’s with you?

No. We do not feed our dogs any meals while they are in our care. We do give the dogs in our care healthy treats to encourage positive behaviours and to distract from negative behaviours. If your dog has a specific allergy, please include this in the relevant field on your enrolment form.

What is the maximum number of dogs you can have at one time?

The number of dogs we allow in our care centre depends on the number of handlers on site – we have dedicated handlers for each area of our centre, and their ability to effectively handle and control the dogs in their care is dependant on many factors. Please ask our staff for more information.

Are the handlers always with the dogs?

Yes. The handlers are always with the dogs, on the floor with them at all times to ensure behaviours are controlled, and the animals themselves feel secure.

How much one-on-one time will my dog get with the dog handler?

We endeavour to give all of the dogs in our care one-on-one time at different times throughout the day. We alternate this attention from active work through to quiet grooming time; in this way, your dog comes to familiarise itself with our trainers and our facility.

Do the dogs in your care need to be flea-treated and de-wormed?

While we do maintain a flea-free and worm-free facility, the reality is that at certain times of the year, fleas can be instantly picked up (from grass, parks, carpets) and then transported in to the centre. If your dog is currently using an effective flea treatment, the fleas will not continue their lifecycle on your dog. If you are unsure which flea treatment will be most effective for your animal, we are happy to give expert advice.

Do you have dirt areas for the dogs to dig in?

No. We do not encourage any behaviours in our dogs that we wouldn’t like to see in our own homes! We don’t want the dogs in our care to dig, as that would encourage them to explore their options when they return home with you.

Do you have couches or beds for them to sleep on?

No. We do have very comfortable dog beds available for our dogs to enjoy, however much like the digging situation, we don’t want to see our dogs climbing onto beds or couches at home, so we are sure to make all of the sleeping areas very dog-specific and unhuman-like!

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