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How does dog day care work?

The Unleashed guide to your dog’s day!

If you’re new to the concept of dog daycare, it can be hard to leave your beloved pooch behind. Especially if your dog isn’t used to being cared for by others. We understand – that’s why we’ve put together this step-by-step guide to your dog’s day with us. From the moment you leave your car to the time you return, we want you to know exactly how your dog is being cared for. Here’s an easy to follow breakdown of what happens every day here at Unleashed!


New dogs – the first trial session

If this is your first time, we ask you to bring your dog in for a trial session. There is no charge for this: it is necessary for us to determine your dog’s temperament, and to feel out their reactions to other dogs (and other humans!). We will keep your dog for a full session, in a separate area to desensitise them to their new surroundings, and where they can hear and smell the other dogs. We will interact with your dog, testing their responsiveness to toys, treats, voice commands and actions. Our trainers will begin to socialise your dog into the group, keeping a close eye on their progress. We watch for signs of stress, aggression, and defensive behaviour, gently managing your dog’s integration into the general play area.


Remember: we won’t feed your dog during the day, although we do use healthy treats as incentives for great behaviour. There’s always plenty of fresh clean drinking water available, and our centre is kept clean and fresh for your dog’s comfort!



A typical day for our Unleashed dogs

  1. Welcome – we greet your dog at the entrance to our dog care centre, where one of the trainers will be ready to take over. Your dog must be leashed at this point; however we remove their leash once they are safely inside the dog play zone. Sign your dog in, and give them one last cuddle!


  2. Unleashing – we take your dog through to the play area, making sure your dog shows positive signs of comfort and excitement. We unleash them in the play zone, watching their behaviour and stepping in immediately to distract them should play become too intense.


  3. Structured routines – Each session is structured to give your dog a balanced day of exercise, down time, and trainer involvement. We vary the content of our play times and trainer times, however the basic structure of the day remains the same:

    • Morning socialisation

    • Morning high energy play

    • Midday break/quiet time

    • Afternoon socialisation

    • Afternoon switch areas & high energy play


  4. Home time – when you come back to collect your dog at the end of a session, we give you a review of their day with us. We let you know of any unusual or worrying behaviours, and we give you the highlights of their day. We then re-unite you with your excited little friend, and you’re all on your way!


Every dog is unique, and we’re always happy to discuss your dog’s individual needs with you personally, so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!


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