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Unleashed: your big dog is welcome here

A doggy day care for big dog breeds!

We welcome dogs of all shapes and sizes here at Pet Essentials Unleashed; and if your furry friend is on the large side, then so much the better! We’re pushovers for big dogs, and we’ve even created a play zone that’s suited to larger breeds just like yours.

Keeping your big dog happy is what we’re all about here at Unleashed – from encouraging their good behaviours through to healthy socialisation and large breed playtime: we’ve got everything your large dog could want! Our trainers are all experienced in handling larger breeds of dogs, and are always on the floor with our furry friends. We keep an eye on your dog’s behaviour throughout the day, balancing high energy play time with grooming and quiet time to offer your beloved pooch a well-rounded day care experience. We’re also big on promoting positive behaviours, encouraging those behaviours we’d like to see more of with a mixture of small, healthy treats. In this way, we keep our big guys well in hand, while still giving them the freedom to mix and mingle with our other guests.


Big dog toys – activities for larger breeds of dog

Obviously, our large breeds require a different level of activity to our smaller breeds, and their toys need to be fairly robust too! Pet Essentials Unleashed uses a variety of dog toys designed specifically for the larger breeds; and we’re very strict in how these toys are used. If your dog has a fixation on a certain type of toy, we work with them to manage that fixation carefully around the other dogs. We also spend one-on-one time with the large dogs throughout the day, exercising their brains as well as their bodies!


Large breeds: dog control within the play zone

If you’re concerned about the safety of your large dog, don’t be! Our big breed handlers are all fully trained and highly experienced dog handlers, who specialise in keeping big dogs under control. We use SPCA approved training techniques to bring out the best in your large breed, from following basic commands through to managing their socialisation with our other guests. In fact, our big dogs go home with a greater sense of confidence in social situations, which leads to calmer behaviour and a more enjoyable companion!


We have designed our dog day care centre to cater for all sizes and breeds of dogs – but most importantly, our trainers are all skilled at recognising and managing dog behaviours. This means that your dog is safe with us: we will never put your dog at risk, and we will contact you immediately if we feel that your dog is exhibiting unusual behaviour. Relax – your big dog is safe with us!


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