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Dog care for small dogs:
Little dogs need BIG love

Worried that your small breed of dog may be overwhelmed in a dog day care social environment? 
Don’t worry, your small dog will feel right at home in our custom-designed small breed play zone.

We’re well aware of the need to separate the smaller breeds from their larger counterparts. This is why we’ve created two completely separate dog day care play zones – one for the large breeds, suitable for our more boisterous visitors, and a special (equally as large!) area for our little guys. We often find that the smaller breeds enjoy the large space we have created for them, as their energy levels can be every bit as high as the larger dogs! In fact, in many cases, these little dogs run rings around our bigger animals, so it’s fair to give them all a bit of space from each other.


Small dog toys and games:
Keeping those brains active

Small dogs can be extremely intelligent. We’ve noticed that many of our mid- to small-breed dogs have highly active brains, meaning that they need an extra dose of mental stimulation to help balance their exercise levels! Luckily, we have a great range of puzzle toys and small dog games for our littlest guests to enjoy. Our trainers are always in with the dogs too, giving your pet one-on-one attention throughout the day, along with the other small dogs in our care.


Shared play zone:
Letting large and small dogs socialise together

Occasionally we will allow the dogs to interact in a shared play zone – but this only happens if we know for sure that your small dog is comfortable with larger breeds. We will never place your dog – or any dog! – at risk, and our trainers are on hand at all times to ensure your small breed is comfortable and happy. The benefits of allowing your small breed to interact with other breeds and sizes of dog are immense, as your animal will begin to feel more confident and as a result, a lot calmer around other animals. We are happy to discuss our techniques with you at any point, and of course you are more than welcome to view our shared play zone!


Quiet time for your small breed of dog

Even the littlest of dogs need to take time out – that’s why we make sure your small breed gets as much down time as the big dogs next door. We know how easy it can be for small dogs to become overwhelmed, that’s why it’s important for their days to follow a good healthy balance of active, stimulating play and quiet grooming and down time. The littlest member of your family is in good hands with us!


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